Use Salesforce to sell your curriculum products
Publish Date: March 8, 2024
Sell Curriculum Products With Salesforce

How to harness the power of Salesforce to maximise sales of your curriculum products

Think about the situation right now. Do you have lots of different spreadsheets? How do you know when a contract has been signed? How do the sales teams and finance talk to each other? Are there regular pain points that you wish you had a better solution to?

Here’s where Salesforce comes in to save the day!

Smooth Sales Process

From the moment a potential customer gets in touch, things are organised and run smoothly.

You can manually create a Lead (if a potential customer calls you up for a conversation) or the system can show you information gathered from an online form if someone has lodged an enquiry that way.

Either way your sales team will have a clear picture every day of who has been in touch and how and what the next steps should be with regards to progressing those Leads.


Your conversations have progressed and now you’re ready for a customer to sign up and purchase your products.

Issuing a contract is only a click away! Literally one click and done, the contract is beautifully formatted and emailed over the customer for e-signature.

Once the contract has been signed by all parties, this information is automatically updated in Salesforce and next steps are fulfilled.


You can easily issue invoices as soon as a contract has been signed that your finance colleagues can monitor.

Renewals and Upgrades

It’s time for a customer to renew. You’ll have been sent an email alerting you to this ahead of time by the system so you can proactively reach out to customers to manage the renewal process nice and early.

Creating a new contract if they are renewing is a doddle and even better, if they want to increase their order with you, upgrading their contract is also super easy!

Benefits of a single system

The benefits of having your whole process in one place are wide reaching. Say goodbye to multiple versions of a spreadsheet that you’re never quite sure is actually up to date or not!

Your colleague has called in sick. No problem. All members of your team can see what’s being worked on and where in the process each customer is, so nothing is missed or not followed up in a timely manner.

If your organisation uses a hybrid working arrangement and members of staff work at home, this is also not an issue at all. All data is safely secured in the system and can be securely accessed according to rules you can set up that are specific to how you like your organisation to work.

Emailing contracts for e-signature will benefit the environment as well! No more paper copies of everything needing to be printed and filed. This in turn can save your organisation money too not only on physical paper and printing, but on postage as well.


Many other benefits can be added into the system.

If you’re selling CPD courses for example, you can easily send attendees a feedback survey after an event so they can fill in a web form.

All this valuable data will be automatically stored in Salesforce and analysed which in turn can be fed back into your offering.

You’ll have a clear way of being able to see what your customers think you are doing well and what might need a little tweak here or there to improve their satisfaction.

You can also bring your marketing team on board too so they can manage Leads in a seamless fashion in one centralised system.


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