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Focus on Efficiency


With Salesforce, businesses can easily manage customer relationships and streamline their sales processes. The platform offers various tools to manage marketing campaigns, automate tasks, track leads and opportunities. The ability to create your own sections within the database, the world is your oyster. 

We have designed solutions that track job applications, capture customer feedback, produce correspondence for accomodation bookings, coordinate volunteers and so much more,

Furthermore, it can integrate with other business applications to tie process and data together seamlessly.


    Nintex provide a range of applications that extend the power of Salesforce without the need for code. These products help to boost productivity,  streamline operations and give time back to team members.

    Nintex DocGen for Salesforce automates the creation and distribution of document using data from Salesforce and pre-defined templates.

    Nintex Workflow Cloud enables businesses to automate workflows across various systems and platforms.

    Nintex Sign is an e-signature solution that streamlines the signing process, reduces errors and improves compliance. It’s user-friendly and secure.

    Flexible Solutions
    Focus on Efficiency


    Gridmate is a powerful app that enhances the functionality of Salesforce by allowing users to view, edit, and manage multiple records in a single grid. This app  can streamline any of your processes by making it easier to find and edit data quickly. With GridBuddy, users can customize their views, prioritise their work, and easily navigate their Salesforce records.

    This leads to improved productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Additionally, GridBuddy provides a better user experience, resulting in greater user adoption and increased return on your investment in Salesforce.