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Save Valuable Time.

Bespoke Solution Design

Take advantage of Salesforce’s powerful features to reclaim wasted time from your day.

Automated actions

Salesforce can monitor the information in the database and carry out actions such as sending emails, updating related records and setting tasks for users when pre-defined criteria are met, so you don’t have to.

Intuitive search

Quickly find information in the database using the global search capability. Salesforce trawls through all your data in a jiffy and lists results that match. Searching is “fuzzy” so typos are included in the results.

Customisable dashboards and reports

Pre-defined reports instantly retrieve records that meet criteria you have specified and also feed this information into dashboards that present data graphically. You can then take action safe in the knowledge that you have the most up to date information.

Segmented data lists

Salesforce has a feature called “Views” which give you another way to retrieve data. A View is simply a list of records that meet criteria you specify. You have the ability to carry out bulk actions on these records such as sending an email or updating field values.

Access data on the move

If you are out and about and need access to the latest information about one of your customers, the Salesforce mobile app keeps you connected with your data at all times.

Rephrase were instrumental in our implementation of Salesforce. We went from a manual to a digitised process, whereby all our key sales documents are now produced via Conga Composer in Salesforce. We could not have achieved this transformation without the invaluable knowledge, project management and delivery Rephrase were able to offer as our developer and implementation partner.

Fraser MacKay, Commercial Director, FEC Heliports Worldwide Ltd