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Increase User Adoption.

Increase user adoption

We create solutions that you and your colleagues find easy and enjoyable to use.

Less is more

Keeping the solution as lean and simple as possible will make it easy to onboard users. If you already have Salesforce, removing fields that are seldom or never used can work wonders and breathe new life into the system. We love to declutter and streamline.

Personalise to suit

Explaining to users how they can personalise elements of the interface means they can adjust it to work how they prefer.

Encourage user feedback

Giving users the opportunity to request adjustments and then putting these in place, especially with a newly launched or revamped system, demonstrates you are willing to accommodate team ideas and requests.

Highlight useful new features

Salesforce are continuously improving their functionality and making users aware of helpful new features that make their day easier will be appreciated.

Trust builds trust

Once you have provided your team with a system containing good quality data, useful functionality that supports your processes and the correct training, they will trust the information it contains and use it on a daily basis. This in turn means that all your information remains centralised and in good shape. And this loops back to giving users a good reason to continue using the system. Repeat.

Rephrase took the time to understand the bespoke challenges ComXo faced historically when using Salesforce. From this, they were able to effectively outline solutions to help us address these issues and also support us in constructing a plan to implement said solutions. Rephrase was able to provide training days across our departments to instil knowledge and best practice; provide ad-hoc additional assistance via email, telephone and WebEx; and also provide the tools and capability to continue this project ourselves. With Rephrase’s help, our usage of Salesforce has improved dramatically and we are determined to continue in this manner to ensure our CRM system becomes our reliable single point of truth.

Tony May, Director of Client Services