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Improve Data Quality.

Improve data quality

It’s crucial to maintain the quality of your data – we have an array of techniques that help you achieve this.

Data validation

Rules can be created in Salesforce which can insist on a field containing a value once it reaches a specific point in your process. The same rules can even check that the data being entered is of the correct type. So no more phone numbers in the postcode field!

Duplicate management

Of course, nothing is perfect and you may find you are building up duplicate records. Salesforce can be configured to highlight potential duplicates which can then be merged.

Exception reporting

Other data that needs correcting can still find its way into the system. It is possible to create reports and dashboards that examine data quality and flag issues and exceptions that need attention.

User training

Providing guidance to team members to make sure they are clear how to use the system is another way to maintain the quality of the data. We can produce training videos in bite size snippets that walk through key functionality as well as arranging face to face training.

Data access control

Another key consideration is controlling access that users have to data. Salesforce has sophisticated features that can define who can view or edit records in the system. You can also track how individual data fields have changed over time, when they were changed and by whom.

Star Trac engaged Rephrase to carry out an audit of our Salesforce system, identify areas that needed improvement and make recommendations on the best way to proceed. We found Rephrase to be efficient and thorough and the report they provided has given us an external view of our system and helped us see the wood for the trees. We are working through the improvements highlighted in the report and deriving greater benefit from Salesforce as a result. We would recommend the Rephrase audit service to companies in need of a comprehensive Salesforce review.

John Gamble, Managing Director of Europe, Middle East & Africa, Star Trac