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Centralise Your Data.

Centralise your data

Finally, it’s possible to achieve a single source of the truth.

One database for your entire organisation

Replace multiple spreadsheets and information dispersed amongst colleagues with a single repository for your data. Everything in one place. Everything updated centrally. You can even give controlled access to your partners and customers.

360 degree customer view

Imagine clicking into a contact record and seeing accurate, up to date information about that individual along with detailed notes, interactions, emails and other related information. Understand the current status of your organisation’s relationship with a customer or prospect and whether or not this is a good time to make contact.

Drill down into the detail

Need to explore futher? Simply click into any of the related records linked to the contact and review the full history of interactions to get the complete picture.

Collaborate with colleagues

Add some notes of your own so when your colleagues in marketing, operations, finance and delivery click into the same record, they have full visibility of that customer and bang up to date information.

Break down silos

Achieve an organisation which is truly joined up by breaking down silos where information resides in email accounts or on individual spreadsheets.

We asked Rephrase to implement a Salesforce solution for us across diverse teams within Ark. We are very happy with the service they provided and the results they helped us achieve. By moving across to the Salesforce platform, Ark has greatly reduced its reliance on piles of paper and ad hoc spreadsheets, replacing these with a centralised source of data. We have also cut out many manual data capture processes and reduced the admin burden within the organisation which is saving significant amounts of time for our staff. It was a complex job with multiple stakeholders, and Rephrase handled both delivery and project management in a way that minimised work for Ark. We would gladly work with them again.

Joshua Perry, Director of Programme Support, Ark Schools