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Boost Your Productivity.

Boost your productivity

We can tailor Salesforce so it soaks up the hard work and makes it easy for you to accomplish more in less time.

A solution that grows with you

Salesforce can accomodate as much data as you can throw at it – no problem. Information is stored in sections of the database that are linked together. It’s robust, secure and efficient.

Eliminate bottlenecks

If information is getting stuck as it makes its way around your organisation, Salesforce can help get this moving again. It makes it easy to spot where the next action lies or if one member of the team is getting overloaded.

Information when you need it

Tools such as search, dashboards and reports make it easy to locate the precise information you need in a flash and give you the ability to make the right decision at the right time with minimum effort.

See the wood for the trees

Enjoy an overview of your organisation’s performance via dashboards that amalgamate vast quantities of data into easy to understand charts and reports. Quickly pinpoint where your attention is needed the most and take action.

Go even further with apps

Enhance the power of Salesforce using tried and tested 3rd party apps. Capturing data directly into the system, generating and distributing contracts and obtain signatures electronically can save your organisation huge amounts of time.

The introduction of Salesforce as the primary recruitment tool for my team has proven to be a fantastic decision. We have benefited significantly from the functionality of Salesforce, with its automated processes serving as the catalyst for the team’s improved efficiency. Through its clear views and reporting devices, Salesforce has ensured that we can focus on important recruitment activities related to pipeline management, an area that we previously were unable to track.

Richard Miles, Senior Recruitment Manager, Ark Schools