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Keys to Salesforce project success: Part 4 of 4

Data – plan, prepare and practise

Ignore at your peril. Data is a constant bugbear and is a major factor in projects over-running and users finding the system hard to use.

To make things worse, problems with data usually come to light at the end of the project when the data supplied for loading into the new CRM proves to be incompatible with the way the system has been designed.

There are so many reasons why this could be the case – that’s an article in its own right. 

To give you a flavour of the “perils of poor data”, here are a few that I’ve seen recently.

  • Data is formatted incorrectly and inconsistently (does 01/03/2013 mean 1st March or 3rd of January?)
  • “+44 20 3397 4870 extn 2” is not a valid phone number
  • “ /” is not a valid email address
  • joe@acme .com is also not a valid email address (notice the space between acme and .com)
  • Data that is mandatory in the new CRM is missing from the source data.
  • Duplicate data (defining a duplicate is a whole other story)
  • Foreign characters coming out garbled in the new CRM

The list goes on. My advice is simple. Start looking at data on day 1. And however much time you have allowed for data, double it . . . then double it again.


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