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Salesforce CRM automation and digital transformation specialists

Process Improvement.

Process Improvement

We will work with you to analyse your business processes which will achieve what works well now and whats needs adjusting .

Understanding your current processes

We examine your current processes, speak to your team to understand which bits work well and where the bottlenecks and frustrations occur. We produce process diagrams that set out how things work at the moment and this often highlights areas that need improvement.

Establishing your future processes

The next step is to decide how your future processes should operate. This gives you the opportunity to do things differently and thus eliminate the inefficiencies that are causing delays and frustration today often the result of organic growth and business change.

Determining how to get there

We are now in a position to clearly see the “gap” between current and future processes. The next step is to establish the work required to achieve the future process. And also decide how much of it will be built into Salesforce vs organisational change.

Designing the Salesforce solution

For the elements of the improved process that will be incorporated into Salesforce, we will design the solution.

Building the solution

The final step is to build the new process(es) into Salesforce using the powerful tools such as the workflow engine, process builder and email alerts.

Rephrase designed and built a Salesforce solution that replaced an unwieldy and ever growing mountain of Excel spreadsheets that were making it increasingly difficult to manage our data and deliver our services. Now that we have an efficient database system that streamlines our processes and automates our time consuming repetitive tasks, we are operating more effectively than ever before. Consequently, we have been able to expand our network of schools and engage with thousands of young people with the aim of providing them with suitable work placements and other employability training. We have found Rephrase to be easy to work with. They have a knack for finding simple, practical solutions.

Arabella Duffield, Trustee, Access Aspiration