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Salesforce CRM automation and digital transformation specialists

Bespoke Solution Design.

Bespoke Solution Design

Salesforce has a vast array of features which we combine to create a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Custom objects

Salesforce comes pre-built with functionality you can use to track Customers, Leads, Sales Opportunities and Products. We can define additional “objects” to store the data that is specific to your organisation. And by doing so, create a tailored solution that fits like a glove.

Process automation

Take advantage of Salesforce’s built in workflow and process automation engines. Pre-defined triggers which automatically adjust or create data, send emails and allocate tasks to team members. This is powerful stuff and can dramatically change the way you work!

Email templates

In combination with process automation, define email templates which can be used to send consistent, standardised acknowledgements, reminders, alerts or confirmations.

Page layouts

A sophisticated page layout editor makes it possible to arrange record pages how you want. Clever features make it possible to display different layouts depending on the type of record being viewed, or even by the type of user viewing the record.

Segmented lists

Define meaningful lists which display segmented data in ways users will find invaluable. Want to see all the Leads created this week, a list of contacts in a specific region or the records assigned just to you? All easily achieved in Salesforce.

Rephrase’s focus on creating the simplest solution, extensive knowledge of Salesforce and practical approach to solving problems has helped us get up and running quickly and efficiently. I would recommend Rephrase to anyone looking for no nonsense Salesforce specialists who take pride in delivering well crafted solutions.

Tracey Wood, Chief Information Officer, B to D Group