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Recruitment Management.

Recruitment management

From online application to hired candidate, achieve huge efficiencies using Salesforce

Capture applications via online forms

We can create sophisticated online application forms that your candidates will find intuitive to use. The form tools we use are packed with features and we can create forms that are tailored to your exact needs. The forms can be embedded in your website or hosted externally depending on your needs. Data is transferred into Salesforce and the form technology can check to see if a contact already exists in which case it uses this record rather than creating a duplicate.

Auto-assign to team members and track through your process

Once an application has been submitted, Salesforce can use tailored logic to work out which member of the team to assign it to. This could be done using one or more data points and rules defined by you. Team members can use Views (lists that segment data according to pre-defined criteria) to monitor applications they are working on. As an application progresses along your process, it drops off of one View and appears on another.

Screen and assess applications

As application records progress through your process, additional information will be added such as the results from eligibility screening or assessment centres. This information can be used to trigger automated actions such as emails informing candidates that they have been successful or unsuccessful at each stage. If you have external assessors, they can be given a Salesforce Community licence which grants them controlled access to the data they need to assess.

Online tests

We have created online tests (specifically Subject Knowledge Tests and Situational Judgement Tests) and candidates who advance to the relevant stage in your process can receive an email with a unique link that directs them to the relevant form. Results from the test are stored back in Salesforce and linked to the candidate’s application record. A score can automatically be calculated and this can then be used to determine whether or not they meet the criteria to progress further. Processes can be fully automated or applications can be queued for review by a team member

Monitor up to date key metrics on demand

Via reports and dashboards, you can keep track of key metrics relating to applications using live data. Knowing which marketing campaigns have generated the most applications or if you are experiencing a spike of applications from a certain region gives you vital information that helps you make informed decisions about where to focus your efforts.

We survey 400 school teachers and headteachers from across 95 schools each year. These activities have now been automated using Salesforce, Form Assembly and Conga Composer; implementing this solution has freed up 6 hours per week – that’s almost a day a week – in our internal administration process. Salesforce has also simplified our reporting and analysis by enabling us to have a single source of data for all our schools.

Michael Mann, Head of Operations, Mathematics Mastery (an Ark programme)