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Event Signup Management.

Event management

Publish upcoming events, record and manage signups and waiting lists directly in Salesforce.

Create your event listings in advance

You can create records in Salesforce which represent events you are running. In addition to basic information like the type of event and the start / end date, we can design a solution that enables you to specify the maximum number of delegates, whether or not to operate a waiting list and control when an event listed for public registation. Salesforce will generate a unique link per event which you can use in social media or on your website.

Allow delegates to signup online

The event signup page is an online form which you can publish in a number of ways (post the link on social media or embed into your website for example). When someone completes the form, their information is stored in Salesforce and another place is booked at the event. You can monitor bookings from within Salesforce and see who is coming along as well as seeing all the events an individual is attending or has previously attended.

Automatically send confirmations and reminders

When a person signs up for an event, Salesforce can immediately send them a confirmation email with additional details or useful attachments. Closer to the event, the system can send them a reminder. You can also send messages via SMS.

Easily record who came and who didn't

Once the event has taken place, it’s easy to update the system to indicate who came and who didn’t.

Incorporate event data into other processes

This functionality moves your event management processes into Salesforce which of course means that your data is housed in a single system and can then be used to drive other processes. How about sending an event feedback survey to people who attended or details about your forthcoming events to anyone who wasn’t able to attend. Use event related data in reports and dashboards so you know which events are the most popular.

Salesforce has become an integral part of the governance team?s working practices, transforming how we hold and analyse our data. As well as enabling our team who are based in four cities to work together effectively as the database is ?in the cloud?, it has freed up our time for us to focus on additional projects by releasing us from administrative tasks.

Anna Machin, Governance & Compliance Manager, Ark Schools