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Contract Automation.

Contract automation

Create tailored documents from Salesforce data and distribute automatically

Standardised, consistent and error free

The basic document template is created using Microsoft Word and can include all your styling, graphics, colours, images etc. The template also includes special merge fields which relate to data fields in Salesforce. The documents that are generated merge live data with the template for a perfect result each time. No more typos, incorrect calculations or inconsistent information.

Automatically emailed to one or more recipients

What’s more, once a document has been generated, it can automatically be emailed to one or more recipients (the email template can also include merge fields so it is personalised). Generating and emailing a document in this way frees up huge amounts of time that would otherwise be spent handling these tasks manually.

Generate revisions at the click of a button

If your data changes and you need to generate and email a revised document, it’s just a couple of clicks and done. You can even do this when you are out and about by accessing the relevant records on the Salesforce mobile app.

Tie into your business processes

If appropriate, we can create a solution whereby generating and sending documents is triggered automatically within the relevant business process and is not reliant on users taking action. For example, submitting an online application may automatically trigger the creation of a “receipt” document that is immediately emailed back to the candidate for their records.

Link to records in Salesforce for future reference

Generated documents can be attached to the relevant Salesforce record as a permanent record for future reference. We can even build in version numbering so you know which document is the most recent at a glance.

Rephrase were instrumental in our implementation of Salesforce. We went from a manual to a digitised process, whereby all our key sales documents are now produced via Conga Composer in Salesforce. We could not have achieved this transformation without the invaluable knowledge, project management and delivery Rephrase were able to offer as our developer and implementation partner.

Fraser MacKay, Commercial Director, FEC Heliports Worldwide Ltd