Make Informed Decisions

When you trust the data in your system, you can make important decisions with confidence.

Reports and dashboards provide answers to your questions

Understand your data in meaningful ways - arrange by month, income stream or any other data point you like. Group, sort and total your data. Get the answers you need to make the decisions that enable you to do your job.

View trends and patterns at high level

Salesforce can digest massive amounts of data and instantly display this in a format that makes it easy to spot how your information is changing over time so you can spot areas of your organisation that need attention.

Or drill down into the detail

Spotted something that needs further investigation? Click through and examine a specific record to understand exactly what's going on, and then take the necessary action.

Receive automated notifications

Salesforce is constantly monitoring your data and if it spots a record which merits attention according to rules that you define, the system can immediately send you a notification so you can act on this quickly.

Segment your data

Narrow down your data via easy to define criteria for use in marketing campaigns, list creation or other business activities.

As a manager of the business I am able to track in real time the level of business being conducted by each colleague and monitor their activity levels, outstanding opportunities and success of marketing campaigns. Continued development of the system with Rephrase has enabled us to recently introduce paperless contracts that can either be completed in front of clients via a mobile tablet or via email directly to the decision maker.

Andrew Beighton, Commercial Waste & Recycling Business Manager, Nottingham City Council
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