Examples of solutions we have created

Contract Automation

Need to produce a contract quickly, accurately and at the click of a button? Using a document generation app, this is a simple task where customer specific data can be incorporated into one of your standard contract templates and emailed directly to your customer. Take it a step further an add on e-signature to cut out even more time from a typically laborious process. Find out more

Event Signup Management

We have created a solution which enables you to publish upcoming events and allows your constituents to sign up. You create event records in Salesforce and these are displayed on your website. The system sends confirmation and reminder emails, and can even handle waiting lists. Find out more

Recruitment Management

We have developed solutions for several customers who capture applications from candidates and track them through a recruitment process. Along the way, the system sends out email and SMS updates, captures additional information via further forms and allows team members to add notes and scores to candidates' records. No more Excel! Find out more

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